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Fetal Anti-Convulsant syndrome

Welcome to our website.  FACSA is a support group for families and children who have been affected by AEDs during pregnancy and have a diagnosis of FACS Syndrome (FVS)

Without the help and dedication of the founding members, we would be at a real loss of which route to take to care for our 3 daughters affected by Sodium Valproate. Thank you so much, ladies

— Warren Matthews

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What is FACS?

Fetal Anti Convulsant syndrome is an Umbrella Term for a host of different Epilepsy medications taken during pregnancy that have had an effect on the baby in Utero.


New warnings and guidance on prescribing sodium valproate to girls and women with epilepsy have been issued by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).


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Valproate Stakeholder Network Meeting

Valproate Stakeholder Network Meeting

Following last weeks Valproate Stakeholder Network meeting, we contacted Andrew Dillon Chief Executive of NICE (Clinical guidelines) as we were under the assumption that the current NICE guidelines did NOT include the new PREVENT programme for Sodium Valproate. Today...

New Research From Denmark

New Research From Denmark

A new research out from Denmark confirms all AED's are associated with Neurodevelopmental problems when used in pregnancy. We have said this for the last 6 years of Campaigning, Action now needs to be taken from MHRA.

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    About Our Founders

    We won’t stop fighting

    Janet Williams and Emma Murphy founded FACSA in 2012 after the collapse of Product Liability Litigation against Sanofi.   Their aim was to represent affected families in the UK and implement change with regards to the prescribing of Sodium Valproate and to ensure justice for those affected by the medicine and to be the main port of call for families harmed by Epilepsy medicines.

    Both Janet and Emma have Epilepsy and children affected and diagnosed with Fetal Valproate Syndrome

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