Donate to FACSA
If you are thinking of donating to FACSA… thank you
The money that is raised by donations and fundraising events, is used to pay for many things, which include:

  • Enable FACSA to provide free educational material to parents, carers and health professionals
  • To pay for the online and offline marketing of the charity, including leaflets, brochures, websites, advertising and more
  • To continue the National Campaign at Parliament which includes lobbying MPs in the House of Commons and House of Lords
  • To continue the meetings we have at the Department of Health, MHRA and others
  • To pay the daily running costs of the charity

You can make a donation in a few ways, through either




PayPal donations are coming soon…

or for a one-off or regular donation directly into the Charities bank account:

Bank: Natwest, Garstang

Account: Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust

Account Number: 28672461

Sort-Code: 01-03-33

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